Generic Drugs And Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Men can discuss anything except their sexual health. It has been observed that most men decline in virility and vitality and thus they lapse in their whole health. There are so many men who suffer from erectile dysfunction but they refuse to talk about this problem openly. They do not except there fault but they blame there partner for not having proper sexual relations.

A person suffering from erectile dysfunction begins to withdraw from having sex and finally at one stage they find reasons to avoid having sex. Persistent of erectile dysfunction creates so many other problems like a person lose his self esteem, relationship deteriorates and there life becomes a hell.

Men mostly give the feeling that they are totally fit and healthy and have to show off this thing only. It is not true that a man should always show that he is fit and in control of their lives. A person not feeling well or suffering from any sexual dysfunction or problem should share this with a doctor or at least with his partner.

According to various researches done there were various causes of erectile dysfunction but 80-90 percent people suffer due to physical imbalance caused by various other things like stress, other health problems like heart disease, hypertension and diabetes.

In some cases cigarette smoking and excessive alcohol intake are responsible for erectile dysfunction. There are some drugs which can cause erectile dysfunction also like drugs taken for treating high blood pressure.

Erectile dysfunction occurs when a person does not get blood flow to the penis and he did not get erection. Erection is required to have intercourse. People suffering from erectile dysfunction are not able to maintain erection for long time.

But no need to worry there are various drugs available in the market to choose from. Generic Cialis, Generic Viagra and Generic Levitra are some of the top selling drugs.

Generic Viagra is same as the brand drug Viagra. Now it is up to you which drug suits you best. But before going for any of these drugs consult a doctor and than choose Generic Viagra or generic cialis.

You can save your relation and self esteem by taking Kamagra also. Kamagra is the new erectile dysfunction drug used widely in European countries.

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