Why Choose a Penis Enlargement Solution

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How To Identify Prostrate Problems

Benign prostate hypertrophy or BHP is the enlargement of the prostate, and while this is considered more of a nuisance than anything threatening, symptoms such as burning, or difficulty in passing urine, mean a urologist should be consulted.
Some other symptoms:
? A feeling of having to push out urine
? A sensation that the bladder is not emptying
? Increased urinating, especially at night
? Intermittent, starting and stopping of the urinary stream

Many men, after being diagnosed, will simply live with the symptoms and discomfort caused. There are treatments and this is not a life threatening condition. If there is a lot of enlargement it may be that surgery will need to be considered.

If ignored BHP can lead to other problems, and can become dangerous, as it can lead to kidney infection and possibly damage as the urine cannot get passed due to a blockage caused by the enlarged prostate. Bladder infections can also become an issue.

There is little similarity between cancer and BHP as BHP is simply a normal part of aging. Whereas cancer is a condition where cells explode into uncontrolled growth and may spread to other parts of the body as tumors.

It?s reported by numerous health organizations that 1 in every 6 men will experience some form of prostate cancer. Early detection is the key here, and if diagnosed early on, around 93.3% will survive this.

Cancer of the prostate can occur in any male although some groups have a higher risk factor. It appears that African American men have twice the risk and fatalities of Caucasians. This group is often diagnosed at a younger age even below 50yrs.

Of course a family history of prostate cancer will also increase the incidence and place these men in the same group as those being diagnosed under 50yrs.

There is only one-way to help prevent, and to determine if you are at risk from prostate cancer, and that is diagnostic testing. Of course the earlier you are checked the less likely it is you will suffer complications.

Like many other problems a good diet and supplements of essential vitamins and minerals can help reduce or even may alleviate these conditions.